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N° 1 dans la distribution d’equipement de sécurité 

N° 1 in der verteilung der sicherheitseinrichtungen 

N° 1 em distribuição do equipamentos de segurança 

N° 1 в снабженнии оборудований безопасности 

N° 1 en la distribución de equipamiento de seguridad 

N° 1 nella fornitura d' equipaggiamento  di sicurezza 


Welcome in our Showroom

We distribute a full range of safety work equipements, please don’t hesitate to ask us your specific product 


ACE INTERNATIONAL is your privileged partner to provide you with Safety equipment which are adapted to your needs. Our product selection is taking into account your site conditions and environment. Our expertises are mainly in Oil&Gas, construction, industrial and medical sectors. 


We focus on your needs, provide fast feedbacks and make sure to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality and service.


ACE INTERNATIONAL offices are located in China, Australia and France. We also have distributors in Uganda, and the Philippines. 


The company was created in 2007 with the objective to source the best quality products in Asia for our international clients. After few years of success, we decided to specialise and focus on PPE and safety equipment. Today we are one of the most reliable supplier and packager in the market and the official distributor of top brands and producers of safety products.


After years of working with our clients, we launched our brands FLEXISAFE and FLEXIMED in 2020 to serve them better.


We aim to follow the technical innovations of the market and always propose updated safety solutions to our clients. Our products follow the international standards and are certified by the best certification companies to assure the best quality possible.


In addition to a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment, we also supply Collective Protective Equipment including safety signs, First aid Kit, anti-Slip solutions, Cleaning face and others useful equipment to protect you in your site environment.

International Standards


Best Value

We deliver quality products at competitive prices

Quality Garantee

We seek International Safety Standards in all our range of products


Best Ergonomics, Our products have been designed to optimize the worker factors as safety, comfort, performance and style.


We can create custom products to fit your needs including your logo and brand

Number 1

We offer a variety of Safety Equipment with more than 40 well-known and reliable Brands.

We guarantee the best quality and the lowest prices on the market


Suzhou Office


Baodai xi road 5188, Xukou town

Suzhou, China code: 215464


Warehouse Office


Hongzong Branch road No.668,Ming hang District, Shanghai,China. code: 20110


Shanghai Office


N.1030 Yan an Xi Road, Lane 16, Room 704

Shanghai, China, code: 200000


+86 159 2112 0543 (Direct Line)