Case Studies

LNG Project


Project name: YAMAL LNG 

Client: TechnipFmc 

Location: China and Indonesia 


The Yamal Project is one of the most important projects in the world with an investment of 27 billion USD. Its construction spans across more than 6 shipyards in Asia supplying more than 150 modules. 


ACE won the framework contract in 2017 and was selected as the exclusive supplier to equip workers at the project’s shipyard. Over two years we provided them with 100,000 pieces of equipment including helmets, jackets, harnesses, glasses, gloves... It was a complex logistical project that was carried out by our dedicated team so that each product is delivered to our customers 

Project O&G Offshore


Project name: Moho Nord Facilities

Client: HHI & TOTAL

Place: China, Korea and Congo


This $ 2 billion project was successfully delivered to Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyards in Ulsan. It involved building a platform for 700 million dollars and a floating production platform for 1,3 billion dollars. 


We delivered sets of protective equipment consisting of life vests, fire suits, goggles, gloves, helmets, rain gear and safety shoes.

Medical Project


Project name: SIGNIFI

Client: Signify (Philips)

Location: Netherlands


During the COVID19 crisis, we had to be responsive and support a good number of our customers, providing them with FFP2 respiratory masks, surgical facemasks, nitrile and vinyl gloves, as well as other medical equipment to combat the development of the virus contamination and ensure the safety of their employees. This was the case with our client Signify, for whom we quickly delivered by air several million surgical facemasks and FFP2